Sunday, March 30, 2008

Three Declarations in 8 Days: Tacoma's Intensive Program of Growth

In eight days of door-to-door teaching on 45 blocks in the heart of Tacoma we have had three declarations and about 50 individuals identified for follow-up, out of which we expect about 20 to nurture in the months ahead. Today we complete our 11th Intensive Program of Growth.

Below are pictures taken on Friday in the Joseph home, our home base during the weekdays of the campaign. The teaching taking place during the IPG was not just on the streets, but in the Joseph home, too.

Here is Kit, on-fire with the Faith but not yet a declared Baha'i, doing Ruhi Book 1 with our Board Member Shawn and Baha'i youth Jason.

Here is Betty with child in her lap learning of the Faith from Chris who is doing Anna's Presentation with her, and Sandy who is silently praying.

Grandma Shannon is holding Betty's newborn while Betty takes in the presentation.

Fourteen year-old Baha'i youth Kierra is playing with Dylan, Betty's oldest.

Here I am with Aloma, Shannon's youngest.

Shadi is all smiles here, as is Kierra. -gw

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Anonymous said...

Alláh-u-abhá George!

Thank you for posting this, seeing your success helps fire me up for teaching in our community! I will keep your community's efforts in my prayers!

God Bless,