Sunday, March 16, 2008

On the Possible Exception: The Baha'i Religion

This blogger offers a dissenting view of Islam that might be controversial for many Muslims. He apparently has a positive impression of the Baha'i Faith, however. -gw

There are many different man-made interpretations of the Holy Koran (just as in the bible), and this leads to the fact that many sayings and traditions were fabricated and attributed to the Prophet Muhammad in order to support one or more understandings of the Koran text according to the interpreters.

These understandings were constantly adjusted to fit the socio-economic situation as well as the political views of the time. As a result, they were in a constant state of flux, sometimes close to the intended message and at other times quite removed.

In spite of this, the Koran and the religious philosophy it espouses is arguably the most pristine and simple of all the major world religions with the possible exception of Baha’i.
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