Saturday, March 15, 2008

On an Architect in the Making: Jenabi u know how to draw

Jenabi, a Baha'i from miri sarawak malaysia -- I love his blog!

i am down with sore throat for 2 days already
prevented me for fasting
woke up today tot my sore throat will be betta
after the ample water i drank yesterday but
to my disappointment
it doesnt .. no more fasting...

A fren of mine gave me a bottle of honey
and that really made me miss home
the food, my parents, and my butty

Completed my homework for my design Communication unit
i decided to draw my Baha'i temple
which is located in New Delhi
and i thought its a easy building to draw

But it's not
it's tough need to have the symmetry right
the dimension and stuff
argh .. mine is not tat perfect as well
my drawing of the lotus temple
the shape terbantut a bit
sigh ...

and yeah i know how to draw
but not great in it..
there are more people greater than me

this really trouble me
that somebody someday might just turn up and say
"Jenabi u know how to draw, dunno anything else"

losing lots of confident lately i dunno why
Maybe i am just pushing myself too hard
during my studio day yesterday
was about site seeing
and choosing a spot to build a particular structure
(whether its a functioning building or a sculpture we have no idea)

tutor guide us throughout and keep reminding us
what to take in consideration
and having a small conversation with her
My mind is like
" Dam why i never thought of tat "
so kuku ! ~_~

Posted by Jenabi~ at 3:22 PM
{Reposted with permission}


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Jenabi. You are awesome. I love your stream of consciousness poetic prose :)