Friday, March 21, 2008

On Overcoming the Forces of Division: Vital and challenging

Campaign politics fills the news these days. Baha'is cannot help but take notice of how race has emerged as the predominate issue of this past week. Victor has done an extraordinary job commenting on this emergence from the perspective of a Baha'i on his Out of my Mind Blog. -gw

A More Perfect Union Through Race Unity
The Baha’i Faith believes that race unity is “the most vital and challenging issue” in the United States. Vital, because the very life of the nation depends on achieving race unity; challenging, because it is difficult to achieve and makes demands on those who wish to achieve it.

A Prayer to Rein in ‘Forces of Division’


Victor Kulkosky said...


Thanks very much for highlighting my posts. I should also stress that race unity is a very different concept from "tolerance." You tolerate people you don't really like or who are very different from you. The approach is "don't bother me, I won't bother you." Unity means we come together, despite diferences, even though differences make unity harder. Race unity is far more of a challenge than tolerance, which for the most part we already have.
Victor Kulkosky

George Wesley Dannells said...

I love the quality of your blog, Victor.