Monday, March 24, 2008

On Life After Being Introduced to Direct Teaching: Welcoming in the Jehovah's Witnesses

Bonita gazing at the beauty of God's Creation on Mt Rainier last summer when we went hiking with Leila (of Love from Leila blog fame) and her husband ShaUn. -gw

This is the news from home from my wife emailed me at work today after her experience of door-to-door direct teaching this weekend. -gw

Oh! I invited two Jehovah Witnesses in today, telling them to "come in and warm yourselves a spell". We sat in the den, had a good conversation, very 'mutual', as I not only validated so many of their concepts but was able to convey the basic themes of Anna'sPresentation: the Great Covenant, the Manifestations, God, Baha'u'llah's mission, His station, His exile and imprisonment; Baha'i community life... and also shared my experience of direct teaching -receptivity, areas that are 'more open'. I let them know we all walk the same path of service, to bring humanity together in unity. They were stunned when I told them who Baha'u'llah was, and in time, they closed their books and left. I thought about the word 'bold' over Jaqueline Left-Hand Bull's head in my photograph - gentle tone, but bold direct statements. It left them a little unsettled, but resolute on their path throughout the neighborhood.


leila said...

gorgeous story ... but shaUn!

love! from leila

George Wesley Dannells said...

Thanks to the miracle of re-re-posting, I have made the correction, Leila.