Saturday, March 08, 2008

On Knospe-Fotopoesie: Through a lens and with a magnifying glass

Poetry through a lens and with a magnifying glass. -gw

"THE GREATEST NAME" naturally burnt by sunlight through a magnifying glass

a few impressions of The World Centre in Haifa, Baha´i Houses of Worship, "Naw Ruz" and other creative and personal impressions of the Baha´i faith (...taken since 1983, when i was living in Hawaii)

tribute to Dizzy Gillespie (1917-1993) - the jazz trumpet genius and... (photo-poetry made from TV)

music of the people
bringing them together
boundaries sound away
my own translation of the original in german:
musik der völker
kann die verbindung schaffen
grenzen verklingen...

with this haiku-feeling i would like to show the intention of this set.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you a lot my unknown friend:
George Wesley Dannells for your kind sensitivity about my art-work "fotopoesie" (photo-poetry).
If you or other people want to see more please go to:
or just find out c/o google