Friday, March 07, 2008

On Gifts and Miracles: Thank you for knocking on my door

"I'm knocking on your door! "

More stories are flooding into -gw

She is scheduled to start Ruhi book 4 in two weeks and is already taking Ruhi book 1 with the LSA. To see her open her heart has been such a joy! My husband told me the next morning that she had come up to him at the reflection meeting and said, “thank you for knocking on my door.” These miracles are truly gifts from Baha’u’llah
"Thank you for knocking on my door"

One of our dear, new Baha'is from Sierra Leone came and brought 2 of his friends who particularly enjoyed the fireside and made some amazing comments... I think it was the 1st fireside for both of them.
Remembering Zach through teaching the Cause

The Jackson Heights Teaching Project, launched during the 9th cycle of growth for the New York City (A) cluster, created quite a stir in the cluster, with more than 40 Bahá'ís participating (including 2 young adults, 3 junior youth) in the campaign. The team focused on sharing the message of Bahaullah with East Indians, and Latin & South Americans.
Teaching in NYC focused on Jackson Heights, in Queens

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