Saturday, March 22, 2008

On Baha'i Sites, Both Official and Personal: Leila's list

I have not been keeping up my blogroll. My son was keeping it up for me for a time, adding blogs excerpted from on Baha'i Views to the sidebar. Lately I've been thinking that, since this is a re-posting blog primarily, my sidebar should be a re-posting of the blogrolls of other blogs, and I shouldn't have to go to the trouble. Tonight I am thinking that if somebody else's sidebar links should be good enough on my sidebar, they should be good enough to feature as a post, and if this should be an occasional feature on Baha'i Views, I should start with Leila's blog, specifically her listing of "Baha'i" sites, both official and personal. For her other listing, an "ABC's of blogs," go to her site. -gw

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