Tuesday, February 26, 2008

On Writing Challenge 6: The Baha'i lady's attempt at bringing life to a sad, sterile household with jam and pictures

There is a Baha'i angle to this story assignment from Amanda. -gw

Challenge 6
Write a story telling anecdote about a memorable character. ...

Point of view makes a difference. For example, if you wanted to tell about an elderly woman who tried to convert the next door family to her faith in baha'i by bringing over wild strawberryjam and pictures of foreign children, the point of view is everything. To a busy parent, the story might be about an interfering, spooky old lady. To the child, the story could be of a fascinating, kindly eccentric. To the believer in Baha'i, it might be a story of her attempt to bring some life to a sad, sterile household.


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