Monday, February 25, 2008

On Teaching Growth: It's no secret any more

Have you read your teaching.baha' today?


Los Angeles: 88 new believers during expansion phase

Las Vegas Valley: "I can't believe it! It is so easy!"
Dearest Friends, Great joy abounds in Las Vegas! As we end day 2 of our first intensive program of growth (IPG), 11 new believers have declared their belief in Baha'u'llah! This brings our total up to 16, bringing us close to our goal of 24.

Amazing growth in numbers and capacity!
We have read about it happening. We have dreamed about it happening. Now, it is happening in cluster after cluster across the country. Served by extraordinary individuals, teamed together by their passion and commitment to teach, each are reaching out to neighbors with prayer, love and fellowship to new neighborhoods and hundreds of newly declared Bahá'ís.

In just a few short months, significant numbers of new believers have joined the Bahá'í community, due to new and more intense approaches in direct teaching, emphasizing systematic, supported, and collective teaching practices. Phoenix, Tucson, East Valley, Atlanta and Los Angeles are reporting staggering growth in only the first few days of their newly-launched expansion cycles. Phoenix reported 70 new believers. Tucson noted just over 40. East Valley reported over 100 in just 9 days; so many that the core team stopped the expansion campaign after their second weekend to focus effectively on consolidation. Los Angeles reached over 70 at the end of its second weekend. Atlanta brought in over 60 at the end of its first weekend and “warm-up” phase! News does not stop there. More enrollments are being reported with each new day of the cycles from these and other clusters.

What is the secret? It is truly not a secret, but experience. . . here are some tips from those who were there . . . . .

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