Saturday, February 09, 2008

On Life Is Rich: Take a Hike

Wednesday was Baha'i Feast. Thursday we had our Ruhi study circle, moved from its regular Wednesday slot because of Feast. For four hours yesterday evening I DJ-ed, unexpectedly, for the brother-in-law of one of my best Baha’i friends. And, of course, I worked this week, with a heavier schedule of clients than usual and a report for a court dependency hearing to write. This afternoon we host a meeting for the Friends on direct teaching in the neighborhood during our next intensive phase. Tonight is the fireside at Chris and Shadi’s, with Dr C and her son Liam riding over with us, Walter also, and possibly Rashid and Kathy. I've just eaten this exact breakfast, honest! prepared by Bonita, about which she has written previously on her blog. And then there is the joy of blogging in and around these daily events. Who knows what Bonita has cooked up for us tomorrow, perhaps taking a hike. (People have been telling me to “take a hike” for years.) Life is rich. -gw

[Photos by Flitzy Phoebie, except for the PCIT photo and Baha'i Views screenshot.]

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