Saturday, February 09, 2008

On Finally a Photo: Anna of Anna's Presentation

Many of the Friends have asked to see a picture of Anna, of Anna's Presentation from Ruhi Book 6, who has been so instrumental in teaching us all how to teach the Baha'i Faith. It is well known that Anna is very shy and unassuming by nature. Of course, it is just like her to not want to have any undue attention called upon her. Nevertheless, in view of the wishes of the Friends, and after repeated attempts to obtain a photo of this dear soul, Baha'i Views is pleased to share, finally, a photo of ... Anna. -gw

Anna is a seventeen year old youth who lives with her family in a small village and attends school in a nearby town. She was raised Catholic and became a Baha'i five years ago, after learning about the Faith from her older brother. Since then, she has been active in the Baha'i Community, participating in regional and national teaching campaigns and attending institute courses regularly. With the help of another youth in her village, she also gives a Baha'i children's class once a week. - Ruhi Book 6

OK, so this isn't a photo of that Anna. But it was a nice try, don't you think? -gw

{Photo Uploaded on March 23, 2007 by ålicanto on flickr, licensed under Creative Common Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic}

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Yummy Mommy said...

While reading this post, i was so stunned!!
I was like: "How in the world, did he managed to get a picture of Anna????"
And i was thinking to myself how ressourful you are!!
Then i saw the note under the picture!!! lol.... you really got me on this one.
Thanks for the laugh!!

Greetings from South-Australia