Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On Stories from the Frontlines: More from

Here are the stories that are percolating word-of-mouth throughout the Baha'i community and then being accelerated up into the Blogosphere through a retelling on The Teaching Blog, a.k.a.,, that must-read online source of inspiration for Baha'is today.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Friendship and the Plan inspires a re-declaration
About seven years ago, my friend withdrew from the Faith. She was experiencing difficulties in her life; I had only met her a few years before then. She was active in the Faith and often brought friends to the Bahá’í Center.

For most of the years that she was apart from the Faith, my friend attended a church with another friend, but did not feel fulfilled in this path. Two years ago, my friend and I started saying prayers together over the phone several times a week, and I invited her to attend a Book 1 study circle that was starting in our home. Another of the attendees was coming from my friend’s town and was willing to give her a ride. This support worked for her until she was two-thirds through the book, when the person giving her a ride stopped coming. This didn’t stop us. We are finishing the course, one-on-one. My friend re-declared this summer! ...

Monday, February 11, 2008
Ann Arbor MI grow their children’s classes with outward-looking orientation
In this story, Ann Arbor, MI a new A, shares how neighborhood classes spread gradually in their cluster. Beginning with children of Bahá'ís, classes now have grown to include neighborhood children not from Bahá'í families, and then eventually to into classes formed within their own neighborhoods. The cluster also shares their experiences related to classes held at the Bahá'í Center. ...

Sunday, February 10, 2008
DAY 2: Braving 0 degree temperature, the Open Door Campaign advances!
Brrrrr. Can you believe that on a frigid day with a zero-degree temperature (and even below zero wind chill!) that the newly-formed Evanston (IL-17) A-stage teaching team, in its 2nd day of its intensive program of growth, braved the cold and went door-to-door to share the message of Bahaullah? Read on about this amazing story and the countless victories . . . where’s my coat?!!!! ...

Saturday, February 9, 2008
DAY 1: Bearing our hopes (and fears), we launched! And what a launch!

The excitement is raising in Zikrullah Khadem Cluster (Evanston IL) the newest A-stage cluster in the Central Region. The reflection meeting was packed full of friends eager to hear the news, and to jump into action. The following story was shared by the Cluster Institute Coordinator. ...

This is our first daily narrative from the IPG!
It was less than six months ago, when the Zikrullah Khadem cluster, galvanized by visits from Counsellor Walker and Counsellor Birkland, and loving assurances from their Auxiliary Board Members started laying the groundwork for their FIRST Intensive Program of Growth. ...

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