Wednesday, February 27, 2008

On Some Other Noteworthy Items from Neysn: The visual humor above and the food for thought below

I checked Neysn's blog Sharing and Caring and found some noteworthy items I missed when they were first posted. The visual humor above and the food for thought below.

At a youth class last year Mr Hooper Dunbar of the Universal House of Justice outlined the following elements for an in-depth study of God Passes By, as described in a post by Neysn. How well do you know GPB? If you were constructing a study guide consisting of these elements, how long would it take you to put it together? -gw

*An outline for each chapter based on paragraph numbers
*A set of questions and answers based on each chapter
*Lists of the titles of the Central Figures of the Faith
*Annotations on various points requiring further explanation
*Short description of each of the tablets mentioned in the chapter
*Geographical place names and maps identifying their locations
*Biographical listings of individuals mentioned by chapter-separate lists for Persian and Western names
*Cross references to quotes from the Central Figures and others. Where are they cited from? *Where else are they quoted in Shoghi Effendi’s writings and message?
*Sources for quotations cited from other than the Bahá’í writings
*Charts and graphs of various points, when suitable
*List and definition of oriental terms found in each chapter under various headings
*Chronology of events in each chapter and for each of the four periods covered by the book

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