Wednesday, February 13, 2008

On the Baha'is: Not a bunch of crazies, but I'm just not a Baha'i kind of guy

On whether to draw a line or not. -gw

... I've become pretty open about a lot of things that I didn’t used to be but I still have a hard time going to some traditions for growth. For instance the Baha’i faith may have some valuable teachings. But I certainly don’t believe they are obedient to the gospel and as such I wouldn’t want to allow their teachings to begin to shade my understanding of God. ...

I think I see the beauty you speak of in a broader community but how far does it stretch. I mentioned the Baha’i faith earlier not because I think they are bunch of crazies, but I find their teachings somewhat valuable to the world. It’s just that they equate Jesus to Mohammed and Moses and Krishna. That stuff is too much for me and for all the personal satisfaction it might give me to experience unity with those folks, I think God would be very angry with that. So are there some principles you would apply in determining what teaching you will listen to and adhere to? ...

God created all people. Why should we draw a line and separate any? Isn’t that arrogance of the highest form? And God put us all on one small planet. Isn’t it obvious that we have to live and work together to keep our planet habitable? The Baha’i teachings give specific tools to help do that.Besides, Baha’u'llah merely claimed to be the return of Christ so that we, all humans together, could build the Kingdom of God one Earth as it is in Heaven.And what the Baha’is have done so far has shown that it is possible. And every Baha’i has proved that by rising above the barriers (which are all human limitations) between people, we can work together in amazing ways.

Duane, I wasn’t trying to start a discussion about Baha’i nor was I trying to offend anyone else’s religion. I’m just not a Baha’i kind of guy.

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