Sunday, January 06, 2008

On DJ Sabzi in India: Learning about Community-Based Schooling

DJ Sabzi, of Blue Scholar and Common Market, visits India. -gw

i decided to visit a friend of mine in India to see what he's up to. residing in Calcutta, my friend (let's call him, um, "Paul") is currently working with local NGOs and Microsoft to develop a radical new form of community based schooling involving DVDs, centralized curriculum digitization, and the local postal service. over a cup of Assam he broke down the simplified version for me in only 2 hours. one of the working titles is "the educational YouTube for rural and urban poor youth." mmm, sounds interesting. i always enjoy engaging fam and friends in their community work, particularly outside Seattle, to see if there's anything i can learn and take back to implement into what we got goin on in the Town.

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