Sunday, January 06, 2008

On the Conclusion to Anna's Presentation: A Synopsis

Here in synopsis form is the concluding section to Anna's Presentation in Ruhi 6. -gw

• Inviting to join a religion
o Very organized
o Aim: unification of the entire human race
o Building a world civilization
o Three participants in this work
• Individual
o Firm in Covenant
o Strive to align life w/ Bahá’u’lláh’s Teachings and serve humanity
o Life does not end with death
o One’s relation with God is eternal
o Matrix analogy
o To achieve our purpose we must work, serve, and share knowledge w/others
• Community
o Humans not created to live alone
o Live in communities
o Must work together to build new civilization
o Learn to be united
• Institutions
o Institutions represent 3rd participant
o Bahá’u’lláh brought His own Administrative Order
o Supreme institution, Universal House of Justice
o National Spiritual Assembly
o LSA, which you will get to know the soonest

No clergy
Guide affairs of community
Watch over well-being of individual believers
Elected in prayerful atmosphere by secret ballot
Through them we learn how new order can be estab. in society

From a marvelously helpful "Concepts" outline of Anna's Presentation shared with our cluster by our Regional Institute Coordinator during our recent Intensive Campaign. -gw

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