Tuesday, January 08, 2008

On Rock Band and Baha'i: Unlocking "Don't Fear the Reaper"

As reported by the blogger of Living life of radical domestic imperfection, these are among the things she accomplished in the last two weeks. -gw

*over 15 hours playing RockBand. Got to the point where I can get 90+ on Medium on most songs for the Bass Guitar. Finally managed to get through a whole gig on Easy drums without tanking the band. Relearning lots of music I'd forgotten about or never knew. Who knew I would end up being such a Garbage and RadioHead fan? I'm really stoked that we should be unlocking BLO's Don't Fear the Reaper soon. We have a ringer in our house. The boy consistently scores in the high 90's on the lead Guitar on Medium and can actually get longest

*Hosted my first Baha'i gathering at my house. 19 guests and it was lovely.


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