Tuesday, January 08, 2008

On a Baha'i Devotional in a Box: Beauty and inspiration

This "recipe" from Elham has been circulating by email in our community. -gw

Make your own Devotional Box!

Take it with you to create a beautiful sacred space when you visit a friend, go on a trip, go for a picnic, see someone in the hospital, or for beautiful, prepared devotions in your home.

Start with a nice box with a flat lid. Then fill it with a few items to bring beauty and inspiration to your prayer time.

For example:
· A nice prayer book
· Multiple copies of the 'gift of prayers' and 'gift of hidden words'
· Candles
· Matches
· A table cloth or picnic cloth
· A framed picture of 'Abdu'l-Bahá, the Greatest Name, or a holy place.
· A vase
· A bottle of rose water
· A set of virtues cards
· A song book with lyrics, notation and chords
· A CD of songs and/or meditative music if you will have a CD player handy
· Compilations of Interfaith prayers
· Rose Petals
· Small cards with Sacred Writings printed on them
· The ‘Jewels’ books
· And much more!

You can also make a box as a gift for a friend, or make multiple boxes with different themes. Each time you use it, be sure all of your supplies go back into the box so you are ready for your next devotional!
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