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On Questions Asked and Answers Given: Studying the World Order of Baha'u'llah with Ali Nakhjavani

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Notes: A participant [email on file] writes: Mr Nakhjavani gave these talks in February of 2004. It was a wonderful experience- he gave one talk every morning for six days, and was available during the rest of the time for questions and discussions with the youth.

Six Talks on the Various Aspects of the World Order of Baha'u'llah
by Ali Nakhjavani

Tablet of study: "World Order of Baha'u'llah"

Table of Contents

Forward: Sixty young Bahá’ís from 24 countries in Europe gathered in Acuto for a week long course on the study of various aspects of the World Order of Bahá’u’lláh. This course was arranged by the National Spiritual Assembly of Italy, in consultation with the Board of Counsellors in Europe.

Shoghi Effendi has warned the friends that the future will witness attacks on the Administrative Order. It is hoped that the themes presented and the conclusions drawn in these notes will assist the participants of this course to defend the Cause against these attacks in the days to come.

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SAM said...

Amazing, when I saw Riccardo's pic and Sahba's name under: I thought this guys are everywhere!!!


It was indeed a huge honor for us, youngmen who were able to recieve some of these wonderful and wise words by Mr. Nakhjavani in Acuto.

I believe it was one of the best experiences of our lives.

Thank you for the links, George.