Tuesday, January 22, 2008

On Other Kinds of Baha'i Gospel Music: A Baha'i Prayer Chanted in Arabic


Rick posts about another kind of Baha'i gospel music with a YouTube video on Mog. -gw

It's a chant of a prayer in Arabic. The prayer comes from the Baha'i religion, but this kind of chant is common in Islamic culture as well. In fact, this is referenced in Jon Hendricks' lyrics for A Night in Tunisia,

"Thrill to the chant of - the Muezzin

Callin' all t'pray aroun' the closin' o'the day

Becomes a regular occurrence"

I do not know the name of the woman doing the chant. It's not likely to have been a recording of a musical performance per-se. Rather, I'm guessing it was recorded during an observance of a Baha'i holy day. The backing slide show is mostly the Baha'i gardens on Mt. Carmel, in Haifa.

Gospel Music? Artist: Unknown Track: Arabic Chant

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