Thursday, January 17, 2008

On a Note to Baha'is Using Flickr: License under Creative Commons

Note to Baha'is using Flickr. Consider taking the few extra clicks and making the photos you post licensed under Creative Commons. It increases the likelihood that your fine photos portraying Baha'i life are re-posted by others and seen by a larger audience. Be sure also that you tag your photos "Baha'i" and with whatever additional Baha'i-related tags that will also increase exposure for your pics.

Hey, my wife has gotten busy and is putting up all our family photos up on Flickr. She still has more to post, but click over and see how she is doing. -gw


Bonita said...

Well, I'm not doing so well with the tagging bit, George...I inadvertently tagged 'All' when I was labeling the food photos. So now every Baha'i photograph has 'food', 'home', 'cooking' as tags! I haven't a clue as how to undo the damage...but then, most Baha'i activities involve food, so I guess we can stretch it a bit.

Sholeh said...

Bonita: you can do batch edits of photos, using the "Organize" section. :-)

Bonita said...

Thanks, Sholeh...we'll look into that!