Wednesday, January 23, 2008

On More Easy Access to Official and/or Safe Sites: Baha'i Toolbar

Everyday it's something new. Over the months I have come to know BahaiNine - the Baha'i blog aggregator, Majnun - the Baha'i search engine, and Baha'i Communties - the social networking site. Today it's the Baha'i Toolbar. I've downloaded it. I love it.

You can be sure Baha'i Toolbar, like the other tools mentioned, is the result of individual initiative. The progress of the Cause depends upon individual believers arising to serve, and Baha'i Toolbar is the fruit of someone's service. Thank you for that, servant! -gw

The Bahá'í Toolbar for Internet Explorer has been designed and created in order to provide Bahá'ís around the world with fast and easy access to key Bahá'í resources on the world wide web.

The Bahá'í Toolbar provides:

*one-click search at Google, the Bahá'í reference library, and more
*one-click access to key learning and education web sites
*one-click access to official Bahá'í web sites and resources
*RSS news feeds from Bahá'í sites
*Huqúqu'lláh resources, one-click access to the official "Huqúqu'lláh Compilation
*instant look-up of the current value of 19 mithqáls of gold in CAD, USD, and Euro
*a world clock with 18 time zones
*a Gregorian/Badi date display

The Bahá'í Toolbar's links and resources are displayed dynamically, meaning they are always up-to-date so users will never find their Toolbar links broken or obsolete. And, importantly, the Toolbar provides links only to official and/or safe web sites and resource materials.

I am noting a trend. BahaiNine, Majnun, Baha'i Communities, and now Baha'i Toolbar all strive to include what is"official and/or safe" and screen out what is not. Who decides? That Baha'i whose individual initiative created the tool in the first place, with maybe a little help from the Friends. The Baha'i Faith has strong boundaries. And I like that. -gw


George Wesley Dannells said...

Yes, Anonymous, there is a version of Baha'i Toolbar for Firefox, too.

RuhiWarrior19 (Gerald) said...

I really like this, I have it installed on Firefox after reading this post. I only wish the search bar searched Majnun rather than google. I have the google toolbar, and I have firefox, which includes a search bar anyways, a Majnun search box would rock.

George Wesley Dannells said...

Maybe you could suggest that they add Majnun, Ruhi. Here is the page:

Nikolas said...

When will create toolbar for Opera?