Wednesday, January 23, 2008

On Mike's Invitation to Barbeque: Hey Baha'is!

There he goes again. Mikester Mike is bringing up the name of the Faith. And everytime he does, I go over to have a look-see. In this post he testifies to the power of the Faith ... to bring people to his site every time he brings it up. -gw

So, here's to my 10,000 MySpace visitors! Thanks! Keep coming around and commenting on my bs ...

Strangest thing, though, is that the most responses I really received was on the subject of religion, specifically my praise of Baha'i. Next to the Universalist/Unitarians, it is the religion I enjoy the most. The few people from the faith I have been in contact with have been extremely positive, thoughtful individuals. Keep it up, guys!

Of course, just because a person is of a particular faith doesn't mean that they can't be jerks. Faith does not define personality. On the contrary, personality will end up defining faith.

And no, so far none of my neighbors have identified themselves as Baha'i. Not like it matters, but the offer is still open. Come on down and let's have a barbeque.

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