Sunday, January 27, 2008

On Lights in Tonga: Oceans of Fun

Natalie is in Tonga, where the Ocean of Light International School is. She is posting about Baha'i life there. -gw

well tonite is a fireside (like a little meeting thing that friends can come to it they want to hear about the bahai faith) and tomorrow is the last day of teachers week here at the Ocean of Light school. then that nite, (every friday night) is youth nite so all the bahai youth get together and go out, and on monday school starts!

ok so on saturday nite there was a talent nite at Club Kelly (this nite/dance club) and me and kritz did a performance. she sang the first verse of "always be my baby" and then like picked up the beat and kinda remixed it and i joined her on stage and then she was like "REMIX!" and "fergalicious" came on and i did my cheer dance to it haha, but it went really good. and like a ton of the Baha'i youth performed with songs and dances and stuff it was sweet

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