Thursday, January 31, 2008

On Building the Kingdom of God Using Lego Blocks: Ensuring that Every Baha'i Community Is Prepared to Meet the Spiritual Needs of Children

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I feel moved to re-post this email exchange. Dr C is a dear soul who heard about the Faith from one of her patients. She is Boston-Irish, and her husband is Scottish, although without the brogue, I am told. We have so much to learn from the seekers who come knocking on our doors. Dr C has a young son; parents with young children are so often actively looking for a spiritual practice they can be raising them in. This fact illustrates the wisdom of ensuring that every Baha'i community be prepared to meet the spiritual needs of children. From the Unviersal House of Justice's guidance and the focus of the Ruhi Institute Process, we know that the holding of children's classes is one of the core activities of the Baha'i community life. -gw

Hi Doc!

I am glad you like the music mixes. There is so much great music being produced by Baha’is, now that recording equipment is so widely available and relatively cheap. One can really get a flavor of the Faith by listening to the music.

I’d be delighted to drive, if you don’t mind riding in a van with wildlife and canoe decals all over it. It can seat seven, as there may be three other grade-school age girls I may be transporting, and there is certainly room for the car seat.

An idea some of us were discussing the other day was to offer a play group right here in Tacoma for the mother’s of young children, whereby somebody could give the children a fun play experience while the mothers have a chance to meet separately for visiting or even study. The Gig Harbor Baha’i school has been having a Ruhi study circle for the adults who aren’t teaching during class time for the kids.

If it’s OK with you, then we’ll plan on stopping by a little after 10. Just tell me whether work or home.

I might mention there is a Baha’i home party/information gathering Bonita and I are going to Saturday evening starting at 7:30. I don’t know if you would be up to two events in one day, but it would be great to have you (and your partner!) be able to come to that as well, if you are available.


P.S. Here are some links on a Baha’i-Scotland connection:

From: C

Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2008 5:28 PM
To: George Dannells
Subject: Sat children's event

Hi George,
I am thoroughy enjoying the CD mixes. There are a couple tracks in particular that I'll have to ask you about.

Thank you so much for taking your time to put these together--I really appreciate it.
We are up for attending the Baha'i event in Gig Harbor this Saturday. I'd be happy to drive (and of course a car seat is needed for Liam) us or meet up with you there--whatever works best.

We had a great time visiting with you and Bonita, as you could tell Liam felt right at home and didn't want to leave!


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Bonita said...

You had blocks just like that here, for Liam to play with!