Friday, December 07, 2007

On Sweet Virginia Cider: Since my stepmother, being a Baha'i, can't have any alcohol

Somebody is getting married. Here is her to-do list. -gw

To Do Tomorrow:

- call the JP's in the town my father lives in and find one who sounds good and is available on the 22nd.

- call the restaurant Brian and I decided on and make reservations for 15 @ 5p

- talk to my stepmother about ordering in these* for a toast rather than buying champagne, since I really don't care for champagne and my mother - being a Baha'i' - can't have any alcohol.

*Sweet Virginia Cider
Tangy, carbonated, alcohol-free, with the plump fruit taste of true small-batch ciders. Mulled is spiced, Rouge is blended with red and white grape juices and Scuppernong adds white grape juice. A bottle in a gift bag is always well received.

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