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On Baha'i Prayers for the Funeral: Deb says someone owes her, takes it back, and asks for forgiveness

Lord! I bear witness that in Thy servant Thou hast reposed Thy Trust,
and that is the Spirit wherewith Thou hast given life to the world.
(Baha'i Prayers, p. 42)

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Good story here. - gw

Subject: Funeral>>> Friends -> > The lady called about her daughter's funeral. Here's what she said,> as far as I could get it.> > Her name is "Jus." > Her deceased daughter's name is Immecula .> > The funeral will be:> > December 7> 10:00am> Piper Morely Funeral Home> She would like us to read a prayer and / or some scriptural selection.> She said we should take 5 or 10 minutes on the program.> > I said we would call her back to confirm.> > - Tim

Subject: RE: Funeral>>> Are any of you available to go on a Friday? If not, we might suggest> someone who isn't working right now like perhaps Kristina. >> - Lori

Subject: RE: Funeral>>> That's a good idea I 'll be in Olympia....Kristina is a great choice> if she will> > BJ

Subject: RE: Funeral>>> It would be nice to have Kristina do this if she is available.> > Deb

Subject: RE: Funeral> Importance: High>>> I don't know who was supposed to ask Kristina but if it was me--I> FORGOT!! I walked over to her house tonight but it's dark so I think> they are in bed. I spoke with her earlier tonight about Bahereh (baby> boy--Nabil!!), and Kristina said that she has an appointment in the> morning (we were seeing if she could drive Bahereh to the doctor).> > Anyway--I hope hope hope that you can go Debbie! Please call me at> work if you can't! > > Lori

Hi all -> > So Lori calls me at 8:45am... Anyway, after saying that someone OWED> me for this one, I take it all back, forgive me Baha'u'llah!!> > I was able to go and it was a great privilege to be able to serve in> this way. Our Baha'i friend (I will have to get the program from the> service to see how her name is spelled - you won't believe it!),> "Gotlam" I will call her, is a dear dear soul originally from Haiti> who became a Baha'i in NY in the mid '90s (I think she found out about> it in the '80s). I was able to speak to her and her nephew briefly> before the funeral started. Her daughter (the deceased) was only 21,> and died after an illness (didn't find out what). She is survived by> her husband (who is in the military and has been to Iraq - the one on> the phone I> think) and a young daughter, probably only a year or so old. It was> so touching, and the service was done by some Pentacostal> African-American folks (lady preacher) who were very nice. The> daughter and family was active in that church. The husband ... allowed that I could say a prayer as long as I kept it> to 3 minutes. I read the "sweet scented streams" which Lori suggested> and I agreed was a good choice. I wish I had read something short> from the Writings about life after death, as it was so in keeping with> what the other folks were sharing, but wasn't prepared and didn't want to go over my 3 minutes.> > Anyway, there's a little more to tell, but for now let me say it was a> very moving and confirming experience, and it was just what I needed> to start our intensive phase. I was able to talk with Gotlam> afterwards and we hugged and cried (me doing most of the crying - oh,> those water works!). She said she would tell her Baha'i friends in> Germany (especially those close to her daughter) about us, and said> she would not forget me and I said I would not forget her! I> encouraged her to contact us if she is in town again visiting her> granddaughter. I would have invited her to George's on Sunday, but> she is leaving tonight (she lives in Arizona, but I guess is not home> much and goes back to her "home" community in Germany sometimes).> > So thanks for forgetting Lori!> > Much love,> Deb> > PS And thanks for sharing about Nabil!!

Subject: RE: Funeral Deb, nothing by chance. You were the perfect person to do this. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You made a mother's heart and a daughter's soul soar...The comfort you brought to the family is palpable to me just from reading your message. Love you much, Lori

Thanks Lori. Let's remember them in our prayers. I will send the names later, and I think there is a web guestbook to go to and I think I will do that. Isn't it amazing how we can make such an instant heart connection with our Baha'i sisters and brothers? Love y'all too, Deb

Subject: RE: Funeral Can I blog this story, Deb? - G

sure but you really should get all the other details... like the scripture readings (Who is the King of Glory?) and a few other tidbits. When I was writing this, I was thinking, I should have a blog! But I would spend way too much time on it, I know. I am so slow... - D

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