Tuesday, December 04, 2007

On the NEBY Ninth: Duh duh duh daaaaaaaaaaaah

Now in its ninth year, NEBY Fest is the largest Bahá’í conference of its kind in the United States. Drawing nearly one thousand youth, young adults, and parents, NEBY features dynamic plenary presentations, intimate workshops, and a total incorporation of the arts. Featured presenters this year include Salim Afshar, Brett Gamboa, Barbara Markert, Rebequa Murphy, and Morris Taylor. The conference will also feature the artistic talents of The Children's Theatre Company, Bruce Grover, Elden Kelly, Martin Kerr, KC Porter, Shirin, Rainn Wilson, Andy Grammer, Montreal Rain, Benny Cassette, Kelsey Bulkin, Dawnbreaker Collective, Tara Ellis, Devon Gundry, Diane Nosseir, and Badi Meccouri. The conference will take place February 15-18, 2007 in Stamford, Connecticut.
Not to be missed. -gw
(I know, music lovers, "Duh duh duh daaaaaaaaah" is Beethoven's 5th Symphony, not his 9th.)

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