Sunday, December 30, 2007

On Googling for iPod Help: And stumbling upon the Baha'i Faith

Apparently having iPod trouble, Visitor 30,707 to Baha'i Views (since March 2007) came to the site Googling the words "unloading music from an ipod." This was the entry that popped up. -gw
Results 1 of about 23,800 for unloading music from an ipod. (0.25 seconds)
Baha'i Views: On Songs for the Ipod: A "Shuffle Songs" Spiritual ...
Since I was given my Ipod, I have been in a daily process of loading (an unloading) songs onto it. Since I love the "shuffle songs" setting more than I love - 87k -
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And then left the site.
The Visitor spent a grand total of 2 minutes 2 seconds on Baha'i Views. Looking for iPod help, the Visitor stumbled upon "Baha'i" instead. Such is the power of blogging. -gw

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