Monday, November 19, 2007

On Raised a Baptist But Now a Baha'i: Family Religious History at Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is a time when extended families get together, a time for noting family history, including religious history. How many families are united in one faith today? How many families are like Marciepooh's? -gw

Mom's early church was a Southern Baptist one. PawPaw resigned from the church because he disagreed with some racist policies they had. Granny was too embarrassed to go to church without her husband and Mom thought "woohoo no church on Sundays!" So Mom didn't attend any where for several years. When she was a teenager she went to the Methodist (I think) church with some of her friends, because they had a good youth group. When she was younger she had "walked the aisle" and been baptized mainly to get the preacher to stop bugging her about it. Her older boys were raised in S. Baptist churches, as far as I know. One sometimes attends mass with his wife; the other is Baha'i. Mom isn't sure there is a God.
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