Monday, November 19, 2007

On the Fall of American Modernity: Institutions and practices will be lost within a new world-cultural mix reading, thanks to vicali, whom I have chosen to include on my / network. vicali's effort to make a few keystrokes saved this gem up for the likes of me to enjoy 3 months later. It is a gem that only a Baha'i can truely appreciate. Thanks, Vic! -gw

The Fall of Modernity save this to religion culture america ... saved by 96 other people ... on aug 26

The subsiding of modernity may be liberating. Freed from the world center, we might find a safer place to survey an evolving humanity. No longer the object of all attack, we might productively rethink our national purpose. Old modernity’s institutions and practices will be folded into, and thus partly lost within, a new world-cultural mix. This may not be our preferred outcome. But losing our claim to the universal opens the way to new realities. We might take comfort that American modernity will be a part of them.

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