Thursday, November 29, 2007

On Spiritual Pursuit: The Baha'i Board Game

From Barney's profile on Facebook I learn of Spiritual Pursuit, the Baha'i board game, and the Facebook group devoted to it. -gw

Spiritual Pursuit - Baha'i board game
Spiritual Pursuit - second edition - is launching on 2 Jan 2008. Pre-order your copy now, and collect at the National Festival in Warwick.The game costs £23, and consists of a high quality board, 3 sets of questions on 10 topics, and counters for 9 players. The second edition comes in a presentation box. Topics are: Baha'u'llah The Bab' Abdu'l-Baha Calendar Administration Holy Places Messengers of God Prayers Famous Baha'is The Writings

Questions come in beginners, regular and hard categories, plus a bonus round. The game is ideal for adults, youth and children, and for both long-time Baha'is and those newly investigating the Faith. It is a great community game.

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