Wednesday, November 14, 2007

On Baha'i Karaoke: Sing-a-long with Joy

Baha'i karaoke. -gw
City of Joy sings Isaiah ...
My purpose in posting Baha'i karaoke videos is to provide Baha'i communities with a way to have music that people can sing along with at Baha'i meetings & devotionals. - Joel Smith

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joel said...

The other night we had a Baha'i meeting. At one point we tried to sing a song. Half way through many of the singers weren't sure of the words. The melody kinda dragged too. Still, it was fun & uplifting. IMHO music is a major component in meetings & devotionals.

I personally have no musical talent. I cannot play any instruments & you certainly would NOT want me singing solo - ever. There are many others, like me, with a similar lack of musical talent.

What I CAN do is edit video. And I do have a large video library of Baha'i music - much of which I taped myself. So... I says to me - why not do Baha'i karaoke. You have the original performer doing the song. I can add ithe lyrics to the screen. I can burn these onto DVD and we can show these at meetings & devotionals. And, best yet, you can turn the volume up to drown out me singing. Of course we would encourage people to buy the original music from the performer.

So, here 'tis. The first three Baha'i karaoke songs. On the internet. For any Baha'i community in the world to use. Hope ya like it. -Joel

To find them in the future just do a Google Video search for Baha'i karaoke