Sunday, November 04, 2007

More on the New World Order: Different Versions

The New World Order is an important book by novelist H. G. Wells and features his belief that it would be beneficial to the world if a new world order ruled the world which would united all the worlds people and at the same time cause war to no longer exist.

Anonymous noted the following in a comment to a previous post here on a New World Order. gw

George, I think you will find that others had used New World Order before the Guardian popularised it amongst the Bahais, specifically HG Wells. The Baha'i version is "The New World Order of Baha'u'llah."

HG Wells book was published in January 1940, and 'The Goal of a New World Order', Shoghi Effendi's letter to the Baha'is, was dated 28 November 1931. The fact that is was nine years earlier is not really signficant. Anonymous is right, the signficant aspect here for Baha'is is that a "new world order" is enunciated by Baha'u'llah and outlined with great specificity. -gw

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