Wednesday, October 03, 2007

On Meetings with Religious Leaders, Empty Walls, and Coffins: Columbia and Yazd

Like concentric rings around a pebble dropped into a pond, word spreads. The significance and stature of the Faith grows. -gw

Current music: Serj Tankian, "Empty Walls"
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The Baha’i, a religious group persecuted in Iran, though supportive of the dialogue with the President of Iran was unable to attend because if any members of the Baha’i religion were present, Ahmadinejad would not have attended the meeting.

With the desecration of the cemetary in Yazd in mind, these lyrics. -gw

Your empty walls,
Your empty walls,
Pretentious adventures,
Dismissive apprehension,
Don't waste your time,
On coffins today,
When we decline,
From the confines of our mind,
Don't waste your time,
On coffins today...
-Սերժ Թանգյան

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