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On 在深南, Bible Belt, confusions (Confucius): Baha'i

Readers of Baha'i Views may already have gleaned that I love the raw poetry of a translation from a character-based language such as Chinese to English using Google's Language Tools. -gw

"\, Bible Belt, confusions (Confucius)"

宗教信仰,有时让人神经和思维混乱, Religion, sometimes people nervous and confused thinking, ...

即使是基督教,为什么还那么多派别呢, Even Christian, why so many factions, it
天主教,浸信会,“呼喊派”,公理会,长老会, Catholic, Baptist, "were shouted," Justice, Presbyterian,
还有耶和华见证会。 There are Jehovah's Witnesses. 。 . 。 .
(摩门教也算?我这一问,摩门教徒要踢我的。还有备受争议的法轮功) (Mormons also count? I ask this, the Mormons only to kick me. Also controversial Falungong)
不少人有参加过多个不同教派的经历, Many people have participated in a number of different religious experiences,
有从天主教到新教的, From Catholic to Protestant,
有从浸信会到长老会的, From Baptist to Presbyterian.
到耶和华见证会的, The Jehovah's Witnesses,
混乱啊! Confusion ah!
谁在撒谎,或大家都没有撒谎。 Who is lying, or we are not lying.
It's a mess, but a good mess! It's a mess, but a good mess!
The borders are blurred. The borders are blurred.
还好,从一个教派到另一个教派, Fortunately, from a religious sect to another,
只要自己能说服自己就行, As long as they can convince themselves on the line,
并不像 Not as

美国是个自由的国度, The United States is a free country,
信仰也好比一个市场, Faith also is like a market,
有佛教,伊斯兰教,基督教, There are Buddhism, Islam, Christianity,
印第安人的泛神论等等。 Indians Pantheism etc..
你的宗教的偏好是因为祖辈, Your religious preference because of ancestry,
或朋友,或理性的选择。 Or a friend or rational option.
市场是有个内在的机制, The market there is a built-in mechanism,
有一般均衡和局部/短期均衡的。 A general equilibrium and local / short-term balanced.
美国为自己的包容自豪, The United States is proud of its tolerance,
但也付出了911的代价。 But there have been 911 price. ...

宗教是文化现象, Religion is a cultural phenomenon
还是社会现象? Or social phenomenon?
信仰是拒绝科学理性证明的, Belief is irrational to scientific proof,
信仰就是笃信不疑。 Du faith is not suspect.

世界一个一统的宗教多好, The world of a unified multi-religious,
或者干脆没有, Or simply not,
免去许多烦恼, Replacing many troubles,
许多争论。 Many controversies.
好像Bahá'í有这种气势, Bahá'í like this momentum,
专门给信仰已经极度混乱,看透了,或超脱了的那些人。 Dedicated to the belief has been extremely chaotic, seen through, or the detachment of those people.
世人推崇物种多样性,难道宗教就不要吗? Species diversity of the world respected, is not on religion?

“上帝啊,我又说错什么啦?我说的这不是事实,现实吗?” "God ah, I also right in saying what up? I said this was not true, the reality? "

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