Wednesday, October 17, 2007

On Having Religion and Being Excited about It: But it shouldn't necessarily come up in every conversation

dwendus has some advice for her friends. Cool it. -gw

Many of my friends here have been feeling quite religious lately. I find myself not knowing what to think, as I am so used to connecting obnoxious religious fervors with Christians. However, these individuals are Baha'i. One is a local Baha'i representative (or something along those lines) and the other is a newly declared Baha'i (within the last couple of days.) And they talk about it all the time and quote stuff out of the readings and such. At first I found it wonderfully interesting because it is so different from the Southern Baptist thing that I'm used to, but now I'm finding it fairly aggravating. I am all for individuals having their religion and being excited about it, but it shouldn't necessarily come up in every conversation.
dwendus, "I'm a stubborn little agnostic kid," the philosophy of the ketchup bottle: a search for a general understanding
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