Tuesday, October 09, 2007

On the Blossoming of the Cambodian Baha'i Community: Our Cambodian Baha'is Are a Treasure

Tacoma WA has been a destination for many immigrants from Cambodia. Our Cambodian Baha'is are a treasure. -gw

Transmitted by email
TO: The National Spiritual Assembly
of the Bahá’ís of Cambodia
DATE: 27 May 2007
We received with great joy the message from the delegates to your National Convention and were filled with confidence at noting the nature of the topics of the consultations. We look forward to witnessing the continued blossoming of your community as the insights gained through the discussions are translated into action, channelling the abundant energies of the believers in Cambodia into an ever-expanding pattern of activity characterized by an indomitable spirit of unity and love. Be assured of our fervent prayers at the Sacred Threshold that theirevery endeavour may be accompanied by the strengthening grace and unfailing bounties of the Blessed Beauty.

The Universal House of Justice

cc: International Teaching Centre
Board of Counsellors in Asia

"The Secret Passageway to the Treasure:
After the crowds of Angkor Wat, it was nice to go find a remote temple in the jungle and be alone. This temple laid under the jungle, completely undiscovered for centuries.The hallway and mysterious chambers seemed to go on forever."
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