Wednesday, October 10, 2007

On All Created Things, Wondrous Works, Forces of the Universe, Global Civilization, and the Sun of Reality: We Ground Ourselves in the Writings

The content from the first five slides of Pattabi Raman's presentation at the recent ABS conference. -gw

I testify that no sooner had the First
Word proceeded,...out of His mouth,
...than the whole creation was revolutionized,...
Through that Word the realities of all
created things were shaken,were divided, separated, scattered, combined and reunited, disclosing, in both the contingent world and the heavenly kingdom, entities of a new creation,...
Baha’u’llah Prayers & Meditations . p. 295

All the wondrous works ye behold in this world have been manifested through the operation of His supreme and most exalted Will…….
All the wondrous achievements ye now witness are the direct consequences of the Revelation of this Name. In the days to come, ye will, verily, behold things of which ye have never heard before.

Baha’u’llah - Gleanings. p. 41-42

Considered with insight,
it will be seen
that all the forces of
the universe, in the
last analysis serve
the Covenant.
Selected Writings of Abdu’l Baha - p- 228

If a global civilization is to flower, the Baha’i writings hold,
“it will require a progressive interaction between the truths and principles of religion and the discoveries and insights
of scientific inquiry.”
Universal House of Justice –
Quote in WORLD ORDER Spring 2000 p 52

The virtues of humanity are many but science is the most
noble of them all. The distinction which man enjoys
above and beyond the station of the animal is due to
this paramount virtue. It is a bestowal of God; it is
not material, it is divine. Science is an effulgence of
the Sun of Reality, the power of investigating and
discovering the verities of the universe, the means
by which man finds a pathway to God. All the powers
and attributes of man are human and hereditary in
origin, outcomes of nature's processes, except the
intellect, which is supernatural. Through intellectual
and intelligent inquiry science is the discoverer of
all things…...
By intellectual processes and logical deductions of reason, this
super-power in man can penetrate the mysteries of the
future and anticipate its happenings.
Abdu'l-Baha, Foundations of World Unity, p. 60

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