Friday, September 07, 2007

On the Situation In Egypt: Common for Baha'i Students to Now Face Expulsion

Photo: Bilo, Baha'i Faith in Egypt
Since June of 2006 Bilo's blog Baha'i Faith in Egypt has been the definitive source for information about the situation of Baha'is in that country. -gw

It is quite common now for Baha'i students in post-secondary education in Egypt to face suspension or expulsion because of their failure to obtain ID cards or military service postponement papers.

Bilo, Egypt: the "Other" Lawsuit that Got Postponed
Baha'i Faith in Egypt: In a land full of bounties, history, ancient civilization and friendly people, the Baha'is, followers of an emerging global religion, struggle every day just to co-exist peacefully with all others and to serve their society. Here is their story....

For a mention of the Baha'i case in Egypt, see:

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Bilo said...

Thank you George for the Egypt mention. I love the refreshing variety in your blog.