Tuesday, September 25, 2007

On the Power of Prayer: Turning Abasement into Glory

Liz remembers the power of prayer in a post of reflection. -gw

I remember how when I was a little girl, I was absolutely afraid to go down into the basement of our house. The only way I could get down those stairs was to say one of the first Baha'i prayers my mother taught me. "Is there any Remover of difficulties save God? Say: Praised be God! He is God! All are His servants, and all abide by His bidding!"

Liz, "Put the 'P' in Percolator," Los Angelista's Guide To The Pursuit Of Happiness: Musings on life and love in the City of Angels as we dive into the ever changing ocean of the spirit

Perhaps God would have turned her basement into glory if she had read the following prayer. (Oldest Baha'i pun in the world, I know.) -gw

Thou art He Who changeth through His bidding abasement into glory ...


Photo: "BasementStair," uploaded on May 21, 2005 by BaronBrian on flickr
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