Tuesday, September 25, 2007

On Baha'i Studies in Spiritual Psychology: 皆さん興味があったら読んでみてね。

This collection of papers by Professor Rhett Diessner, psychologist at the Lewis-Clark State College of Lewiston, Idaho, and published in this volume, promotes the two Baha'i principles of "independent investigation" and "the harmony of science and religion."


This book looks good. gw

お帰りなさい。 8 hours ago by Nana 伯父さんから本を借りてきたようだ。なんか分厚い本だな。伯父さん、今年自分が出版した本をちゃっかりとQちゃんに持たせているぞ。皆さん興味があったら読んでみてね。 PSYCHE AND EROS: Baha'i Studies in a Spiritual Psychology. By Rhett Dissner.

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