Friday, August 10, 2007

On Baha'is Blogging: Let It Shine

I encourage Baha'is to blog, in case anyone is wondering. It contributes to spreading the fragrances of Baha'u'llah the world over. I remind myself that, if I don't post just about every day, it better be for a good reason, like teaching locally. The opportunities for face-to-face and heart-to-heart teaching and community-building in the places where we reside are precious and not to be by-passed. And our efforts, no matter how small, are blog-worthy.

Our study circle Wednesday night was lovely, and our devotional meeting last night was the best so far. I picked up one dear soul I had met at Ethnic Fest and brought her to our home for prayers, music, and a Baha'i video. Kathy was raised Baha'i but fell out of touch at an early age. By her calculations it has been 28 years since her last contact. There she was in all her radiant glory. She is hoping to come with us to Chris and Shadi's fireside Saturday evening.

Blogging, journaling on the web, can be like breathing, and your post like a breath of fresh air to your reader. Anne has been thinking about her blog. -gw

Since blogging has become a growing social force, I thought it might be fun to also think of another purpose for the blog. I'm having a hard time defining it exactly, but I would like it to be about creating a positive future: for ourselves as individuals, for families and communities, and for the planet.

Anne, "Thinking about the blog...." Let It Shine

{Re-posted with permission}

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Tess said...

George, I'm so glad you do continue to blog and send us to such great sites. I always read your stuff even if I don't always comment.

Have a great weekend.