Friday, August 10, 2007

On Back to the Future: Baha'i Nations in Africa

Hi George. As an avid reader of your Baha'i Views blog, I thought you might be interested in this post from the blog Paleo-Future , which provides insights into yesterday's thinking about tomorrow (retro-futurism). It mentions that a prediction for the future in the 1972 book Futures Conditional was that Nigeria, Dahomey, Ivory Coast, and Guinea would become Baha'i countries. Very interesting ;-) Best regards, Rory
Thank you, Rory. Paleo-Future: A look into the future that never was. What a fascinating blog subject. Matt, the blogger, invites people "to talk about their favorite visions of the future from the past." There are no Baha'i countries, of course. Yet. Is the Baha'i Faith a vision of the future that has passed (past!) by the wayside? Or were the futurist's predictions for Africa just a little early? And how about the rest of the world? Baha'u'llah says that the world will be united into one commonwealth. When will it be? When will it come to pass? Baha'is know peace is inevitable, even if God has to raise up a new race of men to accomplish it. -gw

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