Friday, August 03, 2007

On Aram's Good Life: He told the men they could come instead to a Baha'i study circle

A 21-year-old Baha'i dies in a car accident and is remembered by his father in stories, as reported in an online news article and echoed elsewhere on the Internet. -gw

On another occasion, two men tried to mug him, but Aram had no money in his wallet. He told the men that if they needed money for food, they could instead come to a Baha’i study circle that night to get something to eat. One man showed up. The other came to the next meeting. Both became regular participants.

Photo: "Walking Together on a Path of Service," Uploaded on February 3, 2007 by neda_zali on flickr

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child_of_africa said...

goodness! i lived with this family in Zimbabwe for a few years during the week because they lived closer to my school. I knew Aram as a little child. I only read about this tragic event and his inspiring life here.