Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On Power Naps, Baha'i Study Circles, and Personal Stories: Although I was raised Baha'i, I do have my own story

I used to think that I couldn't fit any Baha'i activity into a weeknight, except for the occasional feast. It had to be the weekend. But no longer. Our study circle is Wednesday evening and our devotional meeting is on Thursdays at 7 pm. Emoney used a power nap to prepare for her weeknight study circle, as she relates in this reflection on her life. -gw
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"Power nap"

this week i ... learned the value of the 20-minute power nap. i did not have class thursday night but had the first night of a Baha'i study circle. i got home after work and thought there would be no way that i could rally myself and be coherent, but a power nap (and a bit of coffee) saved the day. i was glad i went. i heard the stories of two young men who found the Baha'i Faith during the past two years. their stories were amazing. i realized that although i was raised Baha'i, i do have my own story. i might have to tell it next week, but that is ok. and the story continues.

emoney, "Nerd Points Earned," Miscellany v. 2.0

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