Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On Being a Witness at a Baha'i Wedding: If I didn't see it, it didn't happen

My son Taraz and and his bride Megan at their wedding last September. Photo by Tim and Kathy Hall on Flitzy Phoebie

I chuckle at the thought that music from a mafia-inspired movie is played at a Baha'i wedding, but that was the case not only in the following excerpt but at my son's wedding last year which I DJ-ed. Wedding music from every culture has a certain joy to it, just as weddings everywhere are so often peak experiences for not only the couple but the attendees. Bmaloney was one of the two designated witnesses to the Baha'i wedding he decribes. -gw

[W]e hung around for a while until it was time to head back ... for the momentous event. Although, at this time they were legally married, they had had the civil ceremony in the morning, this was the spiritual marriage with them wearing "official wedding" clothing. The whole thing was held in a single room, the service, the dinner and the afters; strangely the room seemed to change size for each event. When in service mode, it appeared very small and intimate, everyone was dressed up in suits and dresses, waiting for [her] to make her entrance. ...

Eventually, the music began, and [she] made her way into the room, she was wearing a lovely white dress (you'll see pics when I upload them) and the whole room stood up and applauded, it was a really emotional. The ceremony began, it consisted of a whole lot of music interspersed with Baha'i readings, a lovely ceremony. The music was sang by friends of the couple, making it a very intimate, celebratory event. And then, came the vows, which in the Bahai faith basically consists of one sentence "We will all verily abide by the will of God", the word verily was the source of much hilarity over the course of the two days, as was another word "resplendent", both of which featured frequently during the ceremony. So once both of them said that, they were married spiritually, in the eyes of God, everyone clapped again. And then I had to go up to sign the register, to say that I had witnessed the two of them saying the correct words. If I didn't see it, it didn't happen. I went up, and hugged each of them ... and did my job. It was a lovely event.

After this, we went outside for photos, it was a gorgeous day, completely going against the forecast. About a million photos ... later, it was time to go in for dinner. ...

And then the room metamorphosed once more, into party central. We had the first dance, where [they] danced to the Godfather Theme, I laughed, a lot. The music was played by a swing band, leading to a lot of swing dancing, which was fun. And there was a dj ... after that. The whole night was a great success and will set the standard for all future weddings in the class.

bmaloney, "Update," The Fragile: I won't let you fall apart
{Re-posted with permission}

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