Wednesday, June 13, 2007

On Blogs Un-Updated: Canoeing, Teaching, and Viewing

This blog has not been updated since last Friday, and it's Wednesday already. Tonight is the second meeting of the Ruhi Book 1 Study Circle I am tutoring, my first such experience, praise be to God! Tomorrow night is Assembly meeting. And, thanks to the kids on my recent birf-day, my new I-Pod has been calling, "Load me, sync me."

Flitzy Phoebie
Last week my wife told me I should update my other blogs, Canoeing Destinations in the Pacific Northwest and Teaching the Baha'i Faith. We've certainly done a lot of canoeing trips, far more than are chronicled on the canoeing blog. We certainly have been in a deliriously delightful whirlwind of teaching over the months. So my answer to my wife is: "Why should I? Everything I might want to cover shows up on your blog Flitzy Phoebie and in a timely manner."

Yet these blogs by Baha'is are important, as we are reminded by the example of Barney who has nurtured a launch of new personal blogs, including one by such a devoted wordsmith as Wendi Momen. So I will update this blog. Now. -gw

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