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On Speaking of Religion: Being open-minded and contemplative

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Rhonda's grandparents are supportive of her spiritual journey. Her grandfather is a Baha'i. -gw

I suppose it is enough that my religious grandmother told me that she wouldn't say my getting the tattoo was wrong as she knows plenty of prophets in the Bible who were asked by God to do things that seemed quite strange to others. She said that she considers me to be a spiritual person walking a path towards realizing God.

For her to say that to me, after all this time, is a blessing I can't even begin to express. It has been very hard to talk about my religious life with others. I find religion to be just as polarizing as politics in polite conversation, which is usually why I tend to avoid both.

My grandfather has also been extremely supportive. He is an active member in the Baha'i Faith. However, when we speak of religion, the conversation is so open-minded and contemplative. Mostly, neither of my grandparents nor my father, for that matter, consider me "weird" in my intellectual pursuit of enlightenment and spiritual growth.

Rhonda, "Awakening, Laughter and other Enigmas," A Day in the Life of an Imperfect Mother: Everybody loves the fashionable elegance of Mrs. Cleaver's size 8 shoes. Too damn bad I wear a size 10...

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